AC Summary and Weekly Roundup - 6.28.19


What. A. Month.

Annual Conference season is over, and we have seen an unprecedented grassroots movement in the UMC: a movement towards full inclusion, fueled by the Holy Spirit and faithfulness to the Greatest Commandments. We at UMCNext Florida have spent much of the last month processing, dialoguing, and planning next steps, while more good news of resistance has rolled in from around the country.

To summarize:

  • 41/54 Conferences (including Florida) elected a delegation with majority support for inclusion

  • 28/54 Conferences (including Florida) passed resolutions opposing the Traditional Plan

  • 5/5 Jurisdictional Conference Delegations have a super-majority in opposition to the Traditional Plan

The implications of these results are staggering! There is so much more work to be done as we move forward towards Full Inclusion of our LGBTQ+ family in the church. With that in mind, this space will function as a regular hub for Next Steps, helpful information, and quality writing from inclusion-minded authors.

Weekly Blog Roundup

Next Steps

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!

- The UMCNextFL Team

P.S. - At UMCNext Florida, we understand the importance of and seek to practice intersectional justice. This means that while advocacy for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church is our main focus, we can not and will not ignore the larger injustices happening in our society.

From a member of our team re: child abuse at the border:

The humanitarian crisis at our border is beyond horrifying, but is endemic of the broader and darker history of our nation. Since the beginning of European settlement of the Americas, Christians have been both perpetuators of human rights abuses and advocates for social action against those abuses. This dichotomy is something we must wrestle with on a regular basis, and coupled with Jesus’s command to love our neighbors, should inspire us to regular prayer and action.

This Sunday, June 30th, Global Ministries is asking our churches to participate in A Sunday of Solidarity and Justice - a call for our churches to Pray, Act, and Give. This is the least we can do; a start to what needs to be a gargantuan effort to end these sickening human rights abuses being perpetuated by our government.

Other resources:

I hope you’ll join me this Sunday in leading our congregations in prayer and action to combat these atrocities.

- Matt Dailey

UMC Next Florida